The 19th century gunsmoke of Von Clausewitz’s era has given way to a virulent digital smog.
Kajsa Ollongren, Minister of Defence

Under the current law we cannot identify our adversaries or act rapidly and flexibly on all fronts. And this poses a risk to our national security.
General Jan Swillens, Director of DISS

The permanent strategic competition that we are currently engaged in is all about being the fastest and the smartest. 
General Onno Eichelsheim, Chief of Defence

I do think there is a huge gap between the intelligence services’ information position and political reality.
Lieutenant Niels

What stood out for me is that DISS is kind of a ‘black box’. DISS has an aura of mystery about it.
Captain Rik

I have noticed that an intel product is either fast, detailed or complete but rarely a combination of the three.
Major Dirk

You see people becoming successful in applying a particular method, which they are then forced to abandon in the face of a new threat.
Bob de Graaff, Professor of Intelligence and Security Studies

We search for information in a targeted manner to ensure the least possible impact on those who are not the focus of an investigation.
Patricia Damen, Head of the DISS/GISS Joint Sigint Cyber Unit

Distinctions between local, national and global elements are becoming blurred, erasing boundaries between internal and external security.
Bas Rietjens, Professor of Intelligence and Security Studies at the Netherlands Defence Academy

Data-driven intelligence can dispel the fog
Roy Lindelauf, coordinator of the Defence Data Science Centre

I think that companies, scientists and perhaps journalists will be a part of our trusted community in the future. We can no longer afford to act alone.
Erik Akerboom, Director-General of GISS

The Russian Federation represents a thunderstorm and China represents climate change. It is imperative not to lose sight of the implications of China's actions.
Sebastian Reyn, Deputy Director of DISS